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  • 21 Jan, 2021 (Start Date)
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Principal’s Presentation Parents and learners we would like to welcome you to the 2021 academic year. We welcome all new learners and parents, and also those who have been with us years before. Since we’re all aware that everything is the new normal, this is a new normal that we present on activities for the year 2021. 1. Kobe System As a school we have introduced a comprehensive system which we have termed Kobe System. Last year when the new normal started we had challenges and we have tried to address them. For our online lessons we were using free educational applications like Google Classroom, Zoom and WhatsApp where there was no proper monitoring. But, the new system has information for both parents and learners to link them to and create different groups which will make it easier to monitor those who are not participating. Even parents will have their own username portal to check participation of their children and for communication purposes. Please check it regularly to update yourselves. The system will be able to generate the summative assessment: academic reports and statistics per subject to see that the learner has participated and received feedback. For this to succeed we encourage parents to be up-to-date with school fees payment 2. Absenteeism Learners should constantly participate because they will be monitored by the e-learning team, which will report back to the administration. This is applicable from grade 4 – 7 , grade 12 because they will be using the online system but for grades 1 – 3, the class teachers will use audio-tutorials saved on disks (CD) and provide worksheets for learners which will be collected every Friday, until the learners masters the basics of the elementary school standards. Grades 4 – 7 will use the cyber wall application which has all the subjects linked to the matric syllabus. A proper link will be provided on the Kobe system and how to use it. 3. Online resources E-books And stationery The new normal requires that we embark on e-books, and or any other soft mode teaching, therefore the school is introducing this method as a means of minimising the wait for book delivery. Due to this new normal e-books are a way-to-go. Currently, subject specialist will issue e-books from the publishers. We therefore encourage parents to have proper and sustainable internet connection. For now, we encourage parents to use the old exercise books for draft work but when we physically return to school, learners will receive a batch of all the necessary stationery. Please ensure that learners get up-to date gadgets: tablets, I-phone with the following specifications: a) Display – minimum 9 – 11 inch b) Storage – minimum 16 GB – 32 GB c) Processing speed – Raw 2/3 GB Ram d) Connectivity – WIFI enabled and sim slot e) External memory slot f) Brand – any For future, whether there is a pandemic or not, the school will have tablet technology whereby the books and online resources will be saved on the tablet. Parents will pay for book fees and will get a tablet installed with all the resources. H.O.Ds will also explain more about the subject expectations in terms of syllabus subject assessment guide and useful resources. 4. Administrative Issues i) Year Calendar: we will have 3 terms with mid-term breaks to be accessed on the site and parent’s group. The break is of necessity to allow teachers and learners to recap on what they did and to prepare for second half of each term. This will also be a time for the school to update the system. Rules and Regulations for Online Lessons: Behaviour Expectations: General To assist all to adapt to and indeed enjoy this new experience, it is important to be guided by good practice. Students are expected to display responsible and appropriate behaviour at all times, including behaviour that takes place during the online learning environment. Behaviour expectations: online teaching and learning Most students are very familiar with social media and many different online platforms and programmes and interact easily within these. It is important to note that although many of the platforms you will use for school are familiar to you, you will now be interacting in a different way. You will find it less informal than your other online social online interactions. It is more formal, as it is school. Just as you don’t go to school in beachwear, so we expect you to interact with online school in an appropriate manner. The following expectations are presented with this in mind. All students are expected to: • Be on time for lessons • Participate in lessons from a quiet space • Note that if a bedroom is the only available space to be used, you should be seated and prepared for work. • Dress appropriately during lessons, noting that nightwear and revealing clothing are not allowed • Ensure that your on-screen background is appropriate and not distracting to others • Use appropriate language during lessons Share only lesson specific material during classroom sessions • Practice intellectual honesty and respect the intellectual property of others at all times. • Note that the activities during lessons are considered to be the intellectual property of the teacher and the school and should not be recorded and / or redistributed without permission. • Ensure that your online password is kept strictly private because giving an unauthorised person access to our classrooms and other people’s private details, will be considered as a serious breach of the school code of conduct (this includes any members of your family, including your parents.) • Report any safeguarding and abuse concerns to your Homeroom teacher. What happens if I decide not to follow the code of behaviour? The behaviour guidelines are part of our process for making sure everyone receives the support they need. Our approaches to breaches of this code of behaviour are follows: • Minor or first-time incident: If you behave in a way that doesn’t follow our behaviour code, staff will remind you about it and ask you to comply with it. They will give you an opportunity to change your behaviour. This gives you the chance to think and to plan how you could behave differently, with support from your tutor and teaching staff. • Formal Disciplinary Action: If you do not follow the code of behaviour persistently after your first reminder, or if your behaviour is more serious, you will be given a formal warning by the teacher or tutor running your activity. They will make a disciplinary report about what happened and inform your parents or carers. In accordance with the school policy and procedures, the Deputy Principal will investigate and follow the appropriate disciplinary procedures. Covid-19. Compliancy Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. Avoid close contact with people who are infected. Stay at home when you’re infected. Keep a distance of 1.5m from other people at all times. Hand Hygiene Procedures: • Frequent hand hygiene must be part of the routine of everyday life in schools. Every person that enters a classroom must wash their hands with soap (bar or liquid) and water or sanitise (with at least 60 % alcohol base) their hands and again when leaving the classroom. ENJOY YOUR E-LEARNING EXPERIENCE THANK YOU